The NSA Sheriff Association has partnered with MOSAIC for the creation of the Global Center for Public Safety (GCPS). MOSAIC has taken command of the Counter Terrorism section and via our global resources, placed a team consisting of a Seal Team 6 Chief, highly decorated British SAS soldiers and ex Israeli Special Forces Counter Terrorism instructors to provide the most comprehensive counter terrorism training US law enforcement and select security professionals have ever undergone.


The NSA Global Center for Public Safety has been established to assist in the development and assessment of modern law enforcement agencies.

The focus of the GCPS is to ensure our nation’s law enforcement agencies and officers are provided the most up-to-date information and training available in modern policing. The GCPS partners with various training associations and institutes of higher learning to provide flexible training options accessible to agencies across the nation.

The GCPS is also tasked with providing assessments of an agency’s professional development and training programs in line with its mission and goals.

Counter Terrorism //

Escape from Captivity

Tactical Shooting

Countering Ambushes

Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs, IED’s 

Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

Happenstance meetings and infiltration 

Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance 

Undercover operations training

PSD - high risk environments

Close protection training – executive