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Paul Percoco

Paul Percoco is a highly effective leader in the intelligence and security fields with professional experience that encompasses law enforcement and security operations, administration, personnel supervision, investigations, and community affairs and public relations. Percoco had a productive 25-year career as a commanding officer with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) as well as 7 years’ experience as program manager working for the Investigative/Intelligence collection branch of the United Arab Emirate (UAE) government and heading up the training academy.

Some of his accomplishments include successfully implementing an intelligence and counter terrorism program for a private security contractor in the UAE where he liaised with local law enforcement representatives and intelligence operatives. Percoco founded, developed, an implemented the NYPD’s first Terrorist Interdiction Unit (TIU) when he was Lieutenant and Commanding Officer in the NYC Police Department where he oversaw all aspects of operations management and administration as well as staffing, and managed eight sergeants and 30 detectives. He has conducted extensive criminal investigations pertaining to terrorist violence and sources of funding, and conducted join investigations with the CIA, FBI, JTTF, and Homeland Security agencies. He established contacts and actively recruited confidential informants, proactively developed intelligence on numerous terrorist organizations within New York City through TIU, gathered information pertinent to the PENTTBOMB terrorism investigation (9-11 attacks) and significantly increased terrorism intelligence within New York, and the U.S. Unit continues to serve as a model for all domestic intelligence gathering. He also oversaw daily operations during an investigation which exposed a terrorist plot to blow up the NYC subway system in Herald Square station as well as other targets during the Republican National Convention of 2004. All subjects were subsequently convicted in May 2006 and sentenced in January 2007 to 30 years in person.

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