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Investigations & Analysis


MOSAIC's experienced team of investigators, drawn from sectors such as law enforcement, government, and finance, enables MOSAIC to mitigate risks and address our client's security needs by conducting in-depth investigations and providing hard-to-access intelligence. At MOSAIC, we use advanced tools to process and analyze valuable data to identify patterns, establish links, and generate analytical and intelligence reports. These reports help our clients, including policy and decision-makers, address uncertainties, eliminate risks, and mitigate security challenges. 

•    Risk & Crisis Management / Response Coverage
•    Asset Recovery
•    Due Diligence
•    Sector Collection & Assessment Program (SCAP)





MOSAIC's team of security experts with decades of intelligence and law enforcement experience ensures that our client's security concerns are addressed discreetly and promptly. In addition to providing protection, we help our clients understand their risks and develop a plan to protect them and their families.

•    Complex Investigative & Global Investigative Services
•    Executive / Close Protection
•    Protective Services Detail (PSD) for High-Risk Areas

•    Critical Infrastructure Protection
•    Technical Surveillance Counter Measures



MOSAIC's intelligence and security experts, with years of experience working in the U.S. intelligence community, law enforcement, and academia, provide training in various verticals related to intelligence and security. Over the years, they have enhanced the careers and expertise of special forces members, intelligence officers and analysts, police units, and executives in the private sector. This unique collaborative approach between the public and private sectors advances mutual goals and serves as a catalyst for MOSAIC in terms of generating true insight when devising our training courses. 

MOSAIC offers training in the following subject areas:
•    Specialized Law Enforcement – Investigations and Surveillance
•    Intelligence Collection & Analysis
•    Counterterrorism
•    Close Protection & Executive Protection
•    HEAT (Hostile Environment Advanced Training)
•    Survival Training
•    Defensive Tactics


Cyber & Tech


MOSAIC’S team of cyber experts provides a wide variety of cybersecurity solutions to both prevent and remediate cyber incidents and data breaches.

Additionally, MOSAIC provides cyber-tech and concierge services to clients as their first line of defense against hacking and other nefarious activities. By securing their communications, emails, and workspace, our clients can focus on their business without any security concerns. MOSAIC will also conduct a technology audit for prospective clients to identify how technology measures can effectively achieve their objectives. 

Our services include:

Personal & Enterprise Cybersecurity

•      Personal & Enterprise Network Risk Evaluation & Monitoring
•      Penetration Testing (Simulated Cyber Attacks)
•      Cyber Attribution
•      Security Operations Center (SOC)
•      Enterprise Information Technology
•      Information Security Management System (ISMS) Program Review

Monitor & Mitigation

•      Digital Exposure Report & Web Scrub of PII
•      Reputation Management
•      Domain / Impersonation Monitoring
•      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Investigation

Safe Communications

•      Secure Global Communications Technologies


Crypt & Blockchain

Crypto & Blockchain


Blockchain technologies have been and will continue to be an attractive target for malicious actors. MOSAIC offers prevention strategies and due diligence reporting through account and smart contract auditing services so clients can avoid vulnerabilities and exploitation in cryptocurrency. MOSAIC is also ready to assist victims of cryptocurrency and blockchain scams who have suffered losses. Our services include:

•      Scam/Theft Recovery Support
•      Cryptocurrency Account Audits
•      Smart Contract Auditing
•      Crypto & Blockchain Consulting


Legal Support


MOSAIC helps clients and their attorneys during every phase of a legal dispute, which ranges from pre-trial preparation and discovery to state or federal trial and appeals support. Our services include:

Trial Consultancy

MOSAIC provides high-level intelligence to legal teams during litigation and high-profile court cases. MOSAIC adopts a multidisciplinary approach to understanding litigation by harnessing the experience of former intelligence operatives highly attuned to decoding human behavior and combining their expertise with forensic psychologists, behavioral economists, organizational psychologists, forensic linguists, and body language experts.

Legal Strategic & Support Services

MOSAIC provides legal support and strategic advice on personal or business-related matters. By taking the time to understand the client's unique goals, MOSAIC identifies information gaps to avoid potential pitfalls, strategize solutions, and provide support to solve complex and sensitive issues. 


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